Behold the world’s magnificent slipstream of beauty as it captivates the dance of our consciousness...

As it is spun from the unfathomable mystery of creation’s kaleidoscopic gyre...

Seducing our enrapt senses with the romance of colour, texture, aroma and sound...

And while we absorb this panorama, the watcher of the mind hooks a desire with the sweetest call from the midst of the beguiling cavalcade...

To be swept up by its transitory embrace until its allure fades like the dying embers of twilight upon the lens of our mind...

Only for the waxing glow of the next beckoning desire to tumble forth and entice us with its mercurial charm, then be woven into the tapestry of our life.

Whilst we are bedazzled by this eternal churning drama, we may think the vista of outer beauty is the entire spectrum of life, but the great sages know this is merely a fragment of reality compared to the infinite realms of inner beauty.

Seldom do we seek the deeper light that dwells with resplendent tranquillity in the sanctuary of the heart.

Yet it is there where the clarity of you true purpose awaits discovery, beyond the din of your relentless desires beating their tireless drums.

To awaken the spiritual wellspring of inner beauty needs no more than a yearning for freedom from the ephemeral designs of your desires, to lead you down one of seven paths to seven destinies.

The journey along each path is like setting out across an uncharted desert, where tales of a verdant oasis at its centre echo in whispers through the bustling bazaar of daily life. In the majestic silence of the shifting sands, the mind’s swirling, desire laden dust storms are quelled with the song of awareness to reveal the grail of your unique destiny.

Discover Your Destiny

The DestinyMatrix Spiritual Profiling™ system is a new approach to discovering your unique spiritual identity and unlocking your innate spiritual awareness.

The system is inspired by a synthesis of an ancient philosophical body of spiritual knowledge collectively known as the „Ageless Wisdom” teachings an infusion of insights gained from over 34 years of study in the field of spirituality and 21 years of meditation practice.

Have you spent most of your life following the ideas of the people around you: your family, friends, partner, husband, wife, teacher, colleagues or boss?
Did you follow the ideas, suggestions and advice of these “important” people in your life, who thought they knew what was best for you to do, because it was just easier or to make them like you more?
How often were these “wise people” in your life right and how often did you later on regret not following what you felt was the best thing for you to do?
When was the last time you did something you wanted to do without first discussing it with people close to you, purely because it felt amazingly good for you to do?
Do you presently feel unfulfilled in either your personal or professional your life?
Is your life going through a period of fundamental change or do you have the opportunity to make a fresh start?

Sounds familiar?

If any of these questions resonate within you it is a positive indicator you are ready to learn more about who you are and Discover Your Destiny™, what you are really alive to do.

Ready for Self Discovery?

A critical step to understanding your unique destiny is knowing who you are spiritually, who you are beyond your physical sensations, emotions, thought, likes and dislikes. The SpiritualDestinyTest™ is an important, fundamental building block to enable you to gain a deeper insight into who you are.

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